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Homeowner 3: New England Acoustics
Available now on Metaphysical Circuits.
Capping off a musically successful year for Joseph Bastardo (he of Bastian Void and the Moss Archive label, et al.), and gearing up for an equally awesome 2014, is this little, but many-branched wunderbaum.  Dig (into) the fertile multi-part suite that is the title track, and stay warm through the Winter (whenever your Winter is) with the luscious reverse side-r “Your Topiary Frame.” Boreal sculptures, dream textures, intricate artifacts… animated tree rings or psychedelic circuitry?  The artist’s own “forest synth” descriptor is especially accurate. Here, thus, another enchanting entry into our (unplanned but appreciated) environmental electronics series. "Homeowner 3" should appeal to fans of Guenter Schlienz's calmer but similarly minded “The Norman Tapes” (as well as, perhaps, our still available Jon Claudio and Vejgaard Ambient titles. Ahem.)

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Mystic Groove: Bastian Void - Phonics



Based out of Massachusetts, Bastian Void is the recording project of Joseph Bastardo. Blending together smooth synth layers and arpeggio electronics through a state of euphoric transcendence, “Phonics” [much like the works of Emeralds and Daniel Lopatin] is powerful in its own sense, able…